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-# Personalise(data) #-

Capitan makes it easy for you to create PURL's, personalising the content of any URL. The magia-code will only display personalised information to "recognised users", which means the user must have logged in, exchanged information, clicked through from a Capitan email, or used a form on the website. Users allowing cookies will be recognised on subsequent visits.

-# personalise(ID) #-
Your user ID is .

-# personalise(FORMAL_NAME) #-
Your formal greeting name is .

-# personalise(INFORMAL_NAME) #-
Your informal greeting name is .

-# personalise(NICKNAME) #-
Your nickname is .

Advanced Options

You can insert most pieces of data from the users Capitan profile by using the database column title for the data you'd like to display:

## Available data attrubutes ##
type, status, title, last_name, first_name, nickname, username,  m_website, m_tel, dob, sex, address1, address2, city, region, country, continent, postcode, company, job_title, fb_id, tw_id, tw_ur, gg_id, lk_id, lk_im, lk_ur, interests, notify_sub, market_sub, market_t_sub, market_p_sub, market_s_sub, system_sub, admin_sub, basis, notes, int_1, int_2, int_3, text_1, text_2, text_3

-# personalise(USERNAME) #-
Your username is .

-# personalise(COUNTRY) #-
Your country is .

Targeted Content

Capitan also enables you to dynamically display targeted private content to recognised users. This can be content that is specific to the company that the user works for, any access group that they are part of, or specific to the individual.

-# TargetContent(identifier,sources) #-
-# TargetFiles #-

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