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-# PageLink(ID::type::module::description) #-

This magia-code allows you to create banner links to any page or module item in your site.

The ID of the page, or of the article. You'll find this displayed alongside the page/article information in your URL Flota in Capitan. Or can find it listed in the white banner at the top of the page when you edit the page/article in Capitan.

Type: icon
Choosing "icon" will simply display an image which links to the page/article specified. You can find the setting for the image that's used in "Navigation Settings > Page Icon" for pages, or "Associated Images > Cover Image" for module items.

Type: featurebox
Choosing "featurebox" will show the title of the page/article as a link, the "Page Icon" or "Cover Image" as a link, and the "Meta Description" followed by a "find out more" link.

When creating a link to a module item, you must specify the shortcode of the module here. You'll find this in the URL Flota in square brackets beside the Module Title.

You can override the text that appears below the icon in "featurebox" mode by typing it here. As noted, the Meta Description is used by default.

Note that attributes for this magia-code are separated by '::' which ensures that the comma character can be used in a custom description.







Magia-code is a dynamic content format developed by El Roboto for Capitan CMS Find out more




Override on meta description Find out more

"FEATUREBOX" for module items

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