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-# ListDocuments(path, sort by, sort type, recursive, limit) #-

This magia-code allows you to show the files in a specified directory and provide links to each file. Any private files or directories found in the destination will be hidden unless the user is authorised and has the necessary permissions to view the content.

The path to the desired directory from the root folder and including a trailing slash at the end of the destination ie: /cmsfiles/capitan_demo/image/

Sort by: name/size/date
Specify which attribute the files should be sorted by.

Sort type: asc/desc
List the files in ascending or descending order.

Recursive: true/false
If true, the contents of any sub-directories will be included in the listing.

Number of files to list per page.


-# ListDocuments(/cmsfiles/capitan_demo/image/,name,asc,true,20) #-

File NameModifiedFile Size
3x2_COLLECT_LOGO_1.jpg13/02/201796.84 KB
3x2_Jigsaw_2.jpg13/02/201751.88 KB
96.jpg20/03/201848.54 KB
advert-designer-london.gif27/03/2018346.97 KB
aq-berg.jpg27/04/2018251.49 KB
archie2.jpg04/12/201378.29 KB
archie3.jpg04/12/201363.08 KB
banner-image1.jpg25/04/2018188.18 KB
banner-image2.jpg25/04/2018249.21 KB
banner-image3.jpg25/04/2018225.4 KB
banner-image4.jpg25/04/2018239.59 KB
bel-valves.jpg07/03/201316.44 KB
biber.jpg13/02/201725.05 KB
bradley-gardens-web1.jpg30/05/2018445.5 KB
bradley-gardens-web2.jpg30/05/2018399.93 KB
bradley-gardens.jpg20/03/201844.32 KB
butinox-lids.jpg17/04/2018675.11 KB
butinox-paint-chips.jpg18/04/2018311.28 KB
butinox.jpg17/04/2018474.63 KB
butinox.jpg20/03/201832.4 KB

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